Garden Tasks for Winter


Unfortunately, the great garden colour shows of the summer must come to an end, and with the cooling temperatures come a completely different set of conditions for you to contend with in your garden.

While it can be disappointing to see the summer grandeur fade away, it’s also a great opportunity to put your mind to a different test, in terms of scents, colours, and the plants themselves. There’s a whole other world of vegetation that thrives during colder temperatures, and this is where you need to be looking come winter.

If your garden isn’t geared towards winter planting, or you don’t have the appetite for long periods outside in the cold, that’s fine – there are plenty of other jobs that you can complete in the winter that’ll have your garden in its best shape right now and in the coming warmer months.

Clear debris

While it may not seem like the most glamourous task, clearing leaves and debris is a fantastic place to start when looking at winter garden jobs.

It’s very possible that some garden work hasn’t been done in a while, resulting in a healthy covering of leaves across the lawn, patios and paths.

It’s best to have these leaves cleaned up before they start to disintegrate, as otherwise you could be left with a wet, muddy and slippery sludge covering a large area of your garden. Clearing them up now gives you the chance to put them in a compost bin for later use.

Give your patio a new lease of life

Once you’ve had your patio installed for a number of years, it’s easy to forget what it once looked like – bright, clean, new and stylish, the centrepiece and social spot.

What if I told you it’s relatively easy to restore your patio to its former glory, and that you can have it looking essentially brand new again? Your friend is the pressure washer.

Your patio has likely become inundated with damp, dirt, moss, insects and general wear and tear, giving it a grey and slightly green hue as it merges with the surrounding foliage.

By using a pressure washer to precisely and systematically cover the entire patio, all of this debris can be washed away leaving the original surface to shine through once more.

Sharpen your tools

After a heavy spring and summer of use, your tools have every right to be feeling slightly run-down. However, rather than casting them aside for new ones, you can breathe life back into your tools by maintaining and sharpening them.

Blunt tools create a lot of extra work, with the gardener having to apply more force to achieve the same goals, and finding often that tasks are impossible to complete with a blunt blade.

By the time you want to get back into serious cutting, you could have regenerated all of your tools – and this can all be done from within the comfort of a workshop or garage, perfect for those trying to stay out of the cold.

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